[Ming Pao Daily, Vancouver, August 29, 2018 – Page A2, Main News]

 Providing Chinese language service can help to bridge barrier – a strategy driven by the market

 According to a local public relations consultant, Canadian businesses see the need to add Chinese language service to their marking strategy. This not only applies to businesses but also organizations and government bodies who are progressive in providing in-language services.

Helen Yu, director of Choice Communication said big corporations, in order to expand the market, do provide Chinese and other languages in customer service, advertising, and information.

As well, providing information in the mother tongue of the customers is a trend businesses cannot ignore.

It is not limited to corporations. In fact, non-profit organizations and government bodies are providing multi-language services with the common ones being Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi, according to Yu.

However, it defeats the purpose if the information is translated verbatim or, worse still, using software available on the Internet. The translation has to be culturally sensitive. Otherwise the consumers, not only will not understand properly, will have a bad impression.

In fact, many big corporations do celebrate the culture with the Chinese consumers through organizing events during Chinese New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival as part of their marketing strategies.

(Summary translation by a human)