Personal Attention | Culturally Sensitive

Vancouver, Canada. Hong Kong. China.


Communication is the key in reaching the multicultural community in Vancouver.

With Vancouver being the gateway to the Pacific, more and more communications and business activities are being carried out in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong – some of the most affluent cities in the world. As the community evolves here on the West Coast, so should your communications strategy.

Is translating your messages or media releases into Chinese enough? Is what you are saying coming across clearly in a multicultural ad or a commercial?

At Choice, we show and help you reach all communities with effective and culturally-sensitive messages in the language of choice.

Whether it is for Canadian companies that want to tap into the Chinese-speaking market or the Chinese companies reaching out to the English-speaking market, we speak the language and understand each culture and its nuances.


We salute the multicultural spirit of Canada and, in particular, Vancouver — where we celebrate diversity and share each other’s background.


By 2031, visible minority groups will grow to 63% of Vancouver’s population.


The Chinese community will remain the largest visible minority group, growing from about 18% to 23% (809,000) over the next 20 years.