Marketing Communications

Unique products and services require unique promotions. Using a range of marketing tools, we develop plans that are designed in the best interests of the product and the client.


Coordinate all aspects of major marketing events, such as fun fairs, festivals, parties, sponsorship programs and charity drives


Sponsorship recruiting, planning and liaising


Plan and organize trade and consumer communication programs


Plan and organize product launches and promotion campaigns


Prepare marketing literature, such as brochures, product leaflets and catalogues


Mount road shows and exhibitions – from developing concepts, to designing of booths to maximizing media exposure

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Choice Communication’s Specialty

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Corporate Communications

We can design, build and execute a program that’s specific to your company’s requirements.

Public Relations

We handle a wide range of projects and materials in dealing with the media or internal communications.

Marketing Communications

We develop and implement plans that are in the best interests of the product and the client.

Social Media

We utilize social networks in English and Chinese to help reach a wider audience and promote your message.


Event Management

We have the experience to organize, customize and manage effective and memorable events.


From translation to media training to advertising, we provide a long list of services for all clients.