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Project Description:

New Occidental Education and Technology Ltd. (NOET) recently launched a newer and easier way of learning Chinese in Vancouver. NOET’s learning method removes the burden brought by traditional method: Pinyin, strokes, and radicals. NOET teaches students to learn Chinese characters directly, to connect the sound with the shape of the characters.

To mark the completion of its first class of students in Vancouver, a press conference was held on December 18, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Those in attendance included Mr. Gensheng Niu, founder of Mengniu Diary Co. Ltd and co-founder of NOET; Ms. Hong Xu, founder and principal of NOET; Ms. Shuhong Chen, NOET conceptual founder and head of NOET US research institute; Mr. Red Sun, founder and marketing advisor, NOET staffs and students.

A presentation on NOET’s innovative teaching method kick-started the press conference and was followed by an impressive showcase from the graduating students. NOET graduating students demonstrated their knowledge of Chinese language by speaking, reading, and writing Chinese.

The media in attendance was impressed by the knowledge that students acquired within 30 hours of Chinese language instruction. A media scrum was held after the graduation ceremony, with reporters interviewing the students and Mr. Gensheng Niu.

This press conference provided exposure for NOET to bring its vision and new method to those who want to learn Chinese in Vancouver.

Chinese language plays a large and important role in the global market, and learning Chinese can open up opportunities with China’s market of more than 1.3 million people.

Project Details

Client New Occidental Education and Technology Ltd.
Date December 18, 2017
Services Public Relations, Media Relations
Location Vancouver, B.C.

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